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Cut in Petrol price by 65 paise a litre
New Delhi-Price of perol has been cut by 65 paise a litre including VAT. It will be effective from today while decision on diesel price cut will be taken after PM Mr Narendra Modi's return from the US.
With this now, the petrol price in Delhi will be 67.86 rupees, in Kolkata 75.46 rupees, in Mumbai the price will be 75.73 rupees and in Chennai it will be 70.87 rupees...
Persons of Indian Origin cardholders will get lifetime Indian visa


Prime Minister of India Mr Modi told a rapturous crowd of NRIs that Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) cardholders will get lifetime Indian visa and that American tourists will be given visa on arrival.Indian PMi, who arrived at the packed Madison Square Garden to a rousing welcome, announced the merger of PIO and Overseas Citizens of India schemes to facilitate hassle-free travel to the Indian diaspora.Mr Modi announced that PIO card holders staying in India on long-term basis will no longer have to report to the local police station...


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